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Kairos Concierge

Business & Real Estate Financing

In 1958, the Small Business Act was passed which encourages the improvement and stimulation to the national economy specifically for Small-Business.  This also established a program to stimulate and supplement the flow of private equity capital and long-term loan funds which Small-Business need for business operations, growth, expansion, and modernization.

This resource will help increase the chances of Business Owners to be approved for financial products available!

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SMall Business Financing

L o a n  P r o d u c t s  F o r  B u s i n e s s e s 

WHy ROk Financial?

ROK has assisted thousands of business owners obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, created thousands of new relationships with our business partners and strengthened existing relationships with lenders. All the while generating thousands of 5-star reviews on Google, Trust Pilot, and Best Company. Through a streamlined process, revolutionary technology, and educated team of experts, we support Business Owners ability to create new opportunities. 

Real Estate 

L o a n  P r o d u c t s  F o r  I n v e s t o r s 

Concierge Financing

As an intermediary, Kairos Movement provides information, recommendations, benefits and features for loan products. This approach allows our clients complete their transactions ranging from Fix N Flip to acquiring Large Balance Commercial Real Estate with premium loan products.

Financing for creators

S y n d i c a t e d  L i n e s  O f  C r e d i t

WHy TOrro ?

Torro makes it easy and hassle free for new and existing businesses to get funding. They have helped Entrepreneurs solve their financial needs. Once approved and finalized, Torro's syndicated network of investors and financial resources instantly deposit funds to your business bank account for immediate use. Many transactions can be completed same day you're approved. 

Ready To Qualify?

Our E- Book will ensure that you are set up for success before applying!

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